crosslifemobile  is your place to find out about how the notion of christianity fits the profile of 21st century living. this site is made for mobile devices.

My name is Dan Wooldridge and this is crosslife fellowship a place where the best fellowship is with God through the Lord Jesus Christ his only begotten son who died on the cross of Calvary to make Atonement for sin and rose again on the 3rd day by the power of God. This is the gospel that God would have all men everywhere believe that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, repent from their sins and confess that the Lord Jesus is the Lord of all.

My heartfelt thanks

To all those who have provided me with inspiration and resources concerning the study and understanding of the scriptures. I have been taught the scriptures for as long as I can remember. Many, in the early years were not “born-again” but the foundation for the love and the trust of the scriptures was laid in me.

After 1963 I was born-again and so those who preached and taught the word of God have had a profound effect on me. I want to thank all of you who have had a spiritual impute into my life. I have no way of knowing where I got any source thoughts from. Some of you have stuck in my memory and I will try to give credit where it is due if I remember that I am directly quoting you.

To my teachers & helpers

This material is made possible because of you.

I am grateful to the hundreds of writers and teachers, both classical and contemporary, who have shared their thoughts & teachings with me and helped me learn these truths that I live by.

I thank God and you for the privilege & joy of sharing in them with you.

I find it impossible to write, preach, teach or share what I know without somehow quoting or being influenced by all the many people who have helped me.

If I know & remember that I am using a copy of an exact reference then I will try to note it.

That said, this is not a thesis, this is an easy to use workout to get a hands’ on grip on the way the English language is used by God within the KING JAMES BIBLE.



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